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Advanced Earthing Solutions

To eradicate the cracks, holes and other damage done by lightning, our advanced earthing solutions are the most suitable products for you. They provide an effective protection from every type of electric shocks, striking lights, excessive current, etc. Being organic in nature, they do not affect the soil quality and provide safety for a considerably long time. Theses solutions can easily be prepared by mixing with water and pouring on a particular place.

Gel Earthing Grounding System

Our Gel Earthing Grounding System is very efficient in providing the best ground protection. These consist of copper bonded electrode, that conducts the electricity and passes it on to a safe place. Its back fill compound is water miscible and can be poured in the holes created on earth. The gel grounding electrode of these systems is provided an extra safety feature by having an outer protective layer to ensure zero electricity leakage.

4G Earthing Electrode
We offer high-quality 4G Earthing Electrodes, which are suited for both grounding as well as earthing purposes. These suffice as the essential needs for mobile equipments demanded in the sectors of space programs, defense and intelligence agencies.
Earthing Electrode

Earthing electrode are coated with copper on their outer surface for providing them protection from moisture and corrosion. They have a very sleek appearance and can be installed at narrow places also. They completely absorb the excess electricity and passes it to a safe place by creating an alternate path. Being made of alloys and organic chemicals, they are highly efficient in passing the high current lights safely and avoiding any damage that may occur.

Chemical Earthing Electrodes

By creating a low impedance path for the excessive currents, these Chemical Earthing Electrodes provides complete safety to any structure from getting damaged. They absorb the high current electricity and lightning, and stores them at a suitable place safely. These are made up of alloys and few organic chemicals that provide it the capacity to hold electricity with large current. Copper coating is done on their outer surface to avoid the occurrence of quality deterioration from moisture, air and corrosion.

Copper Bonded Electrodes

Copper-Bonded Electrodes protect lightening strokes, and keep electrical systems safe & secure. These are very high quality ground rods, essential for various industries. Some benefits comprise cost-effectiveness, no maintenance, high conduction on outer section and longer life. The electrodes are applicable in substations, lightening protection systems, telecom industries, and railway signaling etc.

Spike Lightning Conductor

Constructed in the form of a rod with four extra rods sprouting out from the main rod, these Spike Lightning Conductor are highly efficient in resisting the excessive currents to destroy a structure or a system. All the electricity absorbed by these spike rods is safely transferred to the ground. Being made up of alloys and some organic chemicals, the electricity conduction process is very fast in them. Along with it, to ensure its outer safety these are provided an outer copper coating.

Lighting Arrestor

Our arrestors are equipped with a ground terminal and a high voltage terminal that helps in blocking the excessive electricity to damage a structure. At places where big machines and telecommunication systems are places, these arrestors are attached to them in order to keep them safe from any destruction due to excess electricity. They do not let the highly striking lightning make any impact on the place they are adjusted. Along with it, the outer covering of our arrestors are provided an copper coating for safety against corrosion.

Earthing Materials

TO protect a house, building, office, and other living places, our Earthing Materials are the best products as they keep them safe from excessive current and high fluctuations. The entire range of our earthing materials is manufactured b using the best quality of metal alloys and combining them with certain organic chemicals. In addition to it, their outer surface is provided a copper coating to make the surface completely free from corrosion.

Grounding System

Each of the product under our grounding system is made of metal alloys and organic chemicals and are able to absorb excess electric current and allows it to pass through them safely. The structures where they are adjusted, remain free from any type of electricity disaster. Furthermore, the fluctuations created under the ground can also be controlled by them thus, making the ground surface free from electric damage.

ESE Lightning Protection System

Best quality of metal alloys are used in the manufacturing process of our entire range of ESE Lightning Protection System. This system acts as an alternate path when excessive current is produced due to high lightning and passes it safely to a place where it can be stored The lightning even of large intensity is not able to damage the place where they are adjusted at. In addition to it, the outer covering of the complete range of this system is provided a copper coating for protection from corrosion.

Surge Arrestor
The Surge arresters are the best-quality devices made to guard the electrical equipment from over-voltage transients. These are needed to provide functionality in the lightning as well as switching applications.
Earth Enhancing Compound

Our Earth enhancing compounds are in the form of a powder and can easily be mixed with water for providing safety to the place they are poured at. These compounds are available for any type of soil conditions and can also be prepared according to the customer's requirements. Once poured, they ensure safety from every type of electric shocks, excessive currents, etc. They have an organic nature, and in no way affect the soil quality.

Gel Earthing Electrode

Our Gel Earthing Electrode is very efficient in providing the best ground protection from excessive electric currents. Its back fill powder is water miscible and can be poured in the holes created on earth. Due to this, the area around the holes are free from any electric disasters. Having high electricity conducting features, these electrodes can also control the electric fluctuations generated inside the earth surface. 

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